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Is Puerto del Carmen set to become the Puerto Banus of the Canary Islands? Such a scenario may seem a little far fetched for anyone who has visited the island in recent years. As Lanzarote´s most popular holiday destination has been looking a little run down and tired around the edges of late. As thirty plus years of package tourism have impacted upon both facilities and infrastructure

But now the island authorities are pressing ahead with plans to reinvent tourism in Puerto del Carmen. A project which has major implications for both visitor numbers and the Lanzarote property market for many years ahead.

Once upon a time, Puerto del Carmen was La Tiñosa. A small sleepy fishing village, which happened to have some great stretches of beach. Thirty years later and there´s few traces of this past incarnation left- although the beaches are still there. But now they are thronged with thousands of holiday makers - attesting to Puerto del Carmen’s popularity.

In many ways though Puerto del Carmen has in fact become a victim of its own success - as the resort is now in desperate need of modernisation in order to maintain competitiveness versus newer, fresher destinations around the world, such as Dubai.

Mindful that tourists could start defecting elsewhere unless the overall offering is improved the local authorities are now pressing ahead with a multi million euro project to contemporise the resort and improve facilities and infrastructure Starting with an ambitious plan to transform the Old Town harbour area into a luxury marina. Just like the hugely succesful Puerto Calero marina a few miles south along the coastline. Which is now bustling with affluent visitors, luxury yachts and expensive property.

Elsewhere in the resort work is already underway to part pedestrianise the Avenida de Las Playas - which is the main 6km long beachfront road that runs from one end of the resort to the other. And which is effectively the shop window for tourism on Lanzarote.

Here island authorities are set to impose new uniform shopfronts and fascias on all of the units lining the Avenida. As currently they all advertise themselves to passing tourists with garish neon signs - which has created a rather downmarket image for the resort in recent years.

Island observers are confident that these projects together will do much to contemporise the tourist offering in the resort. Whilst also impacting positively on the value of property in Puerto del Carmen over the coming years. Regardless of current market concerns.